Aunt Francis and Her Bra

On the way home from a day of swimming and a picnic at Lake Waveland, it was so stinkin’ hot, Aunt Francis took her shirt off and was doing 65 down Highway 47 in her bra–pointing to houses and farms. “That’s where Lilly Anne grew up. Remember her?   She married so & so and lives … Continue reading

Russellville, Indiana

The nostalgia bug crawls up everyone’s pant leg, at least once in a while.  One of the things I miss most about home and the time in which I grew up, is all the freedom I had to wander around town at night. We played outside long after dark–rode our bicycles, or walked everywhere we … Continue reading

Homebody Blues Lyrics

Homebody Blues Don’t want no pallet on your floor Don’t want no road that’s bound for nowhere I want my feet on solid ground I got no need to be running around Don’t have big dreams that will never be Don’t need some fool to try and convince me What I can plainly see All … Continue reading