Amy grew up in Russellville, a farming community in central Indiana with a population of 376. The fourth of five children, she has fond memories of being a free range kid in a town where car keys were kept in the ignition and front doors were never locked.

She is a singer/songwriter and has released 3 solo albums. She published a children’s book, in which she illustrated her song “Bedtime At Mackensie’s Farm” and is currently focused on mixed media painting—often small scale, light-hearted celebrations of working folks, farms and their animals.

A self-described homebody, Amy has never been in love with performing, though she occasionally makes exceptions–for instance, the chance to open a show at the Bluebird, in Nashville, TN or the Hi-Fi in Indianapolis. (Thanks Otis!)  She has lived in Ohio, Vermont, spent a couple of lost months in Seattle, WA and 12 years in Nashville, TN.

In 2019, she and her long time partner, Otis Gibbs, decided to return home to central Indiana, to close friends, family and four distinct seasons of the year.


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