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Amy Lashley’s latest record, “Daredevils, Strugglers and Daydreamers” was produced by Otis Gibbs, her long time partner and Thomm Jutz. This album is a bit like watching 11 short films–vignettes about working class families and underdogs, stories of self doubt and deprecation, with a couple of quirky love songs thrown in for good measure. Thomm Jutz was the engineer and features on guitar, Otis Gibbs -guitar, Justin Moses -fiddle and banjo, Mark Fain – upright, Paul Griffith -drums and Fats Kaplin -pedal steel.

Amy grew up in a farming community in central Indiana called Russellville with a population of 376. The fourth of five children, she has fond memories of being a free range kid in a town where car keys were typically kept in the ignition and front doors were never locked. She prefers to be a homebody, which makes performing a problem and stage fright makes it pretty much unbearable (likely part of the reason you’ve never heard of her). Amy has illustrated one of her children’s songs (Bedtime at Mackensie’s Farm), dabbles in acrylic painting and is currently working on a fictional memoir called “Aunt Francis and Me” (look for excerpts on this site).

Gibbs and Lashley (both Indiana natives) settled in East Nashville in 2007 and live a quiet life with a few too many

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